Safe digging - HydroCam
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Hydrovacuum Excavation

Built with security measures for meticulous jobs, this is the ultimate tool for safe digging as well as wastewater and sanitary systems cleaning.

Using high-pressure water to loosen soil, clay, gravel and other earth material while continually vacuuming debris for disposal.

This process, also known as daylighting, is a non-destructive excavation solution. It replaces conventional hand digging or mechanical excavation techniques. It will not damage tree roots, hydro lines, telecommunications or existing plumbing infrastructure.

Thanks to a water boiling system, we operate all year long.

Applications are as various as:

      Leaking valves/cable repairs

     • Expose existing cables or conduits

     • Anode cathodic protection

     • Piling and pole holes

     • Maintenance pits

     • Slot trenching

     • Root pruning

     • Remote hose excavation up to 200 feet