HydroCam is a cutting edge company with 18 employees operating in Ontario and Quebec. We specialize in municipal sewer maintenance, preventive inspection and hydro-excavation. We have a nested expertise, we do indispensable work and our teams are 100% field oriented. Oh, and if you’ve got kids who are fascinated by big trucks, we’ve got a couple in the backyard.

duties and responsabilities

As a Mechanic at Hydrocam; you will be responsible for maintaining, tuning, checking, inspecting, repairing and adjusting the various systems and components of various types of heavy and light vehicles.

  • Observe engine operation, test vehicles on the road and check vehicle components and circuits using computerized diagnostic equipment and other devices to identify and isolate faults;
  • Adjust, repair or replace parts and components of over-the-road truck systems including chassis, frame, cab, body, engine and drive train, fuel system, transmission, air brakes, steering, hydraulic, electrical and electronic systems;
  • Test repaired systems and adjust to manufacturer’s specifications for proper operation;
  • Check and test mechanical systems such as engines, transmissions, axles and brake systems to locate defects and imperfections
  • Identify causes of defects or malfunctions and verify diagnoses with supervisors to determine if parts are repairable or need to be replaced;
  • Test and adjust components to specifications to ensure proper operation;
  • Performs periodic maintenance such as oil changes, lubrication and tune-ups;
  • Discusses with supervisor the operations performed, the general condition of the vehicles and repairs that will need to be made in the future;
  • Clean and apply lubricants to machine components
  • Replenish fluids and components of engines and machines
  • Provide advice on proper maintenance and preventive measures to users of machinery or vehicles
  • Undertake other assigned tasks (e.g., cleaning vehicles, painting vehicles, etc.)
  • Operate welding equipment, lubrication equipment, and various other repair tools and materials.
  • Writes inspection, maintenance and work reports.
  • This description of duties and responsibilities is not exhaustive, nor is it static, so changes may be made

required qualities and skills

  • Good color and shape perception;
  • Good physical condition and stamina;
  • Good visual, auditory and tactile acuity;
  • Good hand-eye coordination;
  • Good manual skills and dexterity;
  • Analytical skills;
  • Sense of observation;
  • Minutia, precision, attention to detail and ability to concentrate;
  • Autonomy;
  • Sense of responsibility;
  • Open to technological changes;
  • Bilingualism is an asset;
  • Versatility;
  • Shift work (day/evening/night/weekend);
  • Work requiring travel for repairs on the road.


  • Proven experience as a mechanic;
  • Experience in electrical diagnosis applied to mechanics;
  • Class G – DZ driver’s license an asset;
  • Excellent knowledge of hydraulic, electrical and other machines and systems and their components;
  • Ability to use various hand tools (screwdrivers, hammers, etc.) and precision measuring tools (e.g. calipers);
  • Ability to follow established procedures and practices and read instructions, blueprints, etc.;
  • Ability to solve problems;
  • DEP in heavy vehicle mechanics;
  • Qualification/knowledge in combination truck (VACTOR) a big asset.

benefits offered

  • Competitive salary;
  • Benefits (Health Care/Insurance) and group RRSP;
  • Work uniforms provided;
  • Pleasant, stimulating and rewarding work environment;
  • Training and education;
  • You have the desire to participate in the development of a dynamic local company;
  • You are good at small talk;
  • You are able to take feedback from those around you.

To know more

Our offices are located in Hawkesbury, halfway between Montreal and Ottawa. Here, we work as a team, so if you’re in need, we make sure the whole team is there. You’re expected to do your part in the other direction as well. Like we said, we’re a close-knit team. So transparency is the key here. We prefer to tell each other the real story and then move on to another call. If feedback from colleagues puts you on edge, maybe it’s not the right fit with us.

Does it ignite something in you? Send your resume to [email protected] or call us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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