Heavy Equipment Mechanic

HydroCam is a cutting edge company with 18 employees operating in Ontario and Quebec. We specialize in municipal sewer maintenance, preventive inspection and hydro-excavation. We have a nested expertise, we do indispensable work and our teams are 100% field oriented. Oh, and if you’ve got kids who are fascinated by big trucks, we’ve got a couple in the backyard.

What you're getting at Hydro Cam

  • $25 to $40 per hour depending on experience
  • Permanent position
  • A position with flexible shifts that can be on evenings and Saturdays
  • A close-knit team vibe, the ability to speak your mind (at all times, even to the big boss), spontaneous pick me ups, and the chance to develop your skills in an exciting field
  • Dental and medical coverage (80%)
  • Pension plan to which we contribute up to 5%.
  • Respect for your work-life balance
  • And all the things our employees would tell you: a positive atmosphere, support from colleagues and the boss, attentiveness, the possibility to grow in your position and within the company. Bonus: A hand from your colleagues if you ever need to move and want to save a few $$$.

Your role at Hydro Cam

You will be a Heavy Equipment Mechanic. This means that you manage the workshop and its machinery prevention and maintenance aspect. You’ll be the whiz in electronics, the hands on guy who knows his stuff and you’ll be able to fix any glitch on our equipment. In this role, you plan, you set up the maintenance system, you manage the expenses of your department. You maintain, tune up, inspect and repair our heavy and light vehicles. Basically, anything that involves machinery is your playground.

Your tasks, more precisely

  • You observe our machines, test them, diagnose them and manage the maintenance from A to Z 
  • You manage the inventory and order parts and components for the truck systems so that we are always operational 
  • You keep the team up to date on the general condition of our trucks, upcoming repairs and the scheduling of periodic or preventive maintenance (Martin doesn’t like bad surprises; Martin’s the boss!)
  • You will be responsible for the general maintenance of the machines and will paint, weld and clean as needed. 
  • You write inspection and maintenance reports of the work performed 
  • You may be required to work on the road in case of emergency repairs.
  • You prepare maintenance estimates and budgets 
  • You are responsible for the upkeep of your garage, your man cave which we gladly finance.

You are a good fit if

  • You are a do-er who is not afraid to get his hands dirty
  • You have a DEP in heavy vehicle mechanics with your licenses
  • You’re good at what you do and have a solution for everything
  • You have at least 3 years experience as a mechanic
  • You have the desire to be a team player in the long run
  • You have good concentration and you know the difference between black and red (it’s silly, but it’s important in electronics!)
  • You are functionally bilingual
  • You’re willing to take all the space you can get 
  • You’re the man for the job, you know how to do a lot of stuff 
  • You have the desire to participate in the development of a dynamic local company
  • You’re able to take feedback from those around you
  • You have a class G driver’s license (DZ class an asset)
  • You have the qualifications in combined truck (VACTOR) If not, it’s our treat!

To know more

Our offices are located in Hawkesbury, halfway between Montreal and Ottawa. Here, we work as a team, so if you’re in need, we make sure the whole team is there. You’re expected to do your part in the other direction as well. Like we said, we’re a close-knit team. So transparency is the key here. We prefer to tell each other the real story and then move on to another call. If feedback from colleagues puts you on edge, maybe it’s not the right fit with us.

Does it ignite something in you? Send your resume to [email protected] or call us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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