Video inspection (CCTV)

Our evaluation standards: WRC, CAPC, NASSCO and CERIU

We offer video inspection (CCTV) to monitor the condition of sewer pipes using a robotic camera. Our CCTV inspection can identify blockage or deterioration and can help determine construction features and structural/operational defects.

CCTV inspection eliminates the need for exploratory digging and can prevent costly repairs by identifying problems early on. It provides information that can be used to determine cleaning schedules and maintenance requirements.

A complete report is provided after each inspection we perform, including pictures and video of the project.

CCTV inspection can also be used to monitor:

  • Installation/connection of underground piping
  • Infiltration of groundwater
  • Blockages or sumps in the line
  • Root damage
  • Septic bed pipes
  • Collapsed drain lines

We can also launch our camera to lateral services directly from the main sewers, thus avoiding any intrusion to buildings. Lateral inspection can be used, as well as main line inspection, to identify compromising sewer pipe, infiltration, solids accumulation, root infiltration, pipe defects and structural condition of lateral services.

Drain cleaning and inspection

Our high-pressure equipment uses water jets to remove grease, fat, sand and silt. The specialized root-mulching nozzle attachment vibrates and uses high-power spinning water to pulverize roots that are blocking a drain. Your drains will finally flow freely again!

Our specially-adapted plumbing cameras (3” and higher) can be inserted into blocked sewers or storm-water lines to locate the causes of reoccurring blockages. Seeing the blockage on video helps plumbers determine the best course of action.

We can also clean, flush and provide video inspection of your septic bed pipes in order to extend the lifetime of your onsite sewer system.

24h emergency service