Hydro vacuum excavation

Use of high-pressure water to loosen soil, clay, gravel and other earth material while continually vacuuming debris for disposal.

This process, also known as daylighting, is a non-destructive excavation solution. It replaces conventional hand digging or mechanical excavation techniques. It will not damage tree roots, hydro lines, telecommunications or existing plumbing infrastructure.

Thanks to a water boiling system, we operate all year long.

Applications are:

  • Leaking valves/pipes repairs
  • Exposing existing cables or conduits
  • Anode cathodic protection
  • Piling and pole holes
  • Maintenance pits
  • Slot trenching
  • Remote excavation up to 200 feet

Sewer & waterline replacement and repairs

We help to repair watermain and sewers. Our goal is to restore your services as quickly as possible!

We promise to respond when needed, to quickly identify and expose a sewer or waterline break and to collect solids and water using our hydro vacuum excavator.

Close proximity of other utilities is no challenge for us. Our hydro-excavator unit allows us to excavate safely and without delays.


Our water truck has a 2000-gallon capacity.

Applications include:

  • Dust control
  • Compaction
  • Sod, tree and shrub watering
  • Street flushing
  • Water supply and delivery
  • Pool filling
  • Extra water storage avoiding refill of combo truck
24h emergency service